A Boy Walks Outside




A boy walked along the sidewalk, pointing at everything.

His mom walked beside him, answering.

“Why are trees so tall? Why is the sky blue?”

“Because they are.” His mom said. “And I haven’t got a clue.”




“I hate when it rains,” the boy said, stepping on a puddle.

In the distance, thunder roared, not very subtle.

“It’s good when it rains,” his mother said.

“It keeps all the plants and all the trees fed.”




“Oh,” the boy said. “Well, then I don’t like

the sun. It’s so bright and it gives me a sunburn!”

“The sun is good too,” his mother explained.

“It gives plants energy, just the same.”




“So both are good?” the boy asked, grabbing Mom’s hand.
“Both are good,” she smiled. “They keep balance on the land.”

“Well, what about sand?” the boy asked, excited.

“Feels good on the toes,” his mother answered.




“Interesting.” The boy smiled, his knowledge ignited.

He went home and drew all the things he now liked:

the trees, the sand, the rain, the sun: all were good

and all were fun.


Written by K. Sikorra