Fred and the Fridge


One night, when his parents were asleep,

Fred snuck out to the kitchen, not making a peep.

He walked in the dark, not afraid.

Nothing could make his curiosity fade.



When he opened the fridge, he gasped in awe.

The fridge was huge! It was the most food he ever saw.

There were drawers filled with veggies, others with fruit.

There was a bag of Cuties mandarins that looked – well, cute.



On the very top shelf Fred saw his goal:

chocolate pudding in Mom’s favorite bowl.

He had it earlier that day, but he wanted more.

He had never had something so good before.



He tried to reach it to no avail.

He was too short. But he refused to fail.

He began to climb the shelves with all his strength.

Little did he know, it wasn’t safe!

His hand slipped, and he went toppling down.

After him toppled the pudding and spilled on the ground.

The dessert went everywhere –

brown sludge on his face and on his hair!



All the noise woke Fred’s parents up.

They rushed to the kitchen to see what was up.

When they saw Fred on the floor,

they went to help, scared to the core!



But Fred was okay. He wasn’t hurt.

The pudding had just dirtied his shirt.

They cleaned him up, and asked, “Was it worth it?”

Fred was ashamed and said, “Not one bit.”



All the pudding was gone and wasted.

He didn’t even get to taste it.

His mom ruffled his hair and said, “I’ll make it again.

You were greedy, but I’m glad you learned your lesson.”



Next week, his mom made the chocolate dessert.

Fred put a napkin over his T-shirt.




They sat together at the dinner table and ate.

Little Fred enjoyed every bite, learning to wait and appreciate.





Written by K. Sikorra on May 15th, 2020