I Took a Walk Today


cat and mouse


I take a walk around my house,

and on the grass, I see a mouse!

I’m not the only one who sees–

a cat is sitting in the trees!



The cat stares down, down at the mouse.

Then the mouse runs, the cat goes pounce!

I can’t look at them anymore;

I run back home. I close the door.



But when I look back at the tree,

the mouse has climbed up, totally free!

The cat wanders around my house;

it looks but cannot find the mouse.



I feel bad. The cat’s hungry, too.

I open my fridge; what can it chew?

I find a sausage link that’ll work;

I open the door. “Cat, want some pork?”



The cat meows at me gratefully.

It eats all the food gleefully.

I pet it, let it go away.

I think I saved a mouse today!





Written by K. Sikorra on May 11th,  2020