The Bear and the Bee

best friend bear

best friend bear


Through the forest walked a black bear,

all of his life he had lived there.

He felt kind of lonely and sad.

He only had his Mom and Dad.




So he decided to go search.

He looked around on every perch.

One day around the river bend,

he finally, finally found a friend.




A field of flowers grew near there.

And someone said, “Hello, there, bear!”

And in the flowers, there was a bee!

The bear was scared and climbed a tree.




“I won’t hurt you,” said the bee.

“I need a friend; I feel lonely.”

The bear, cautious, came back down.

He came closer and asked, “Really?”




The bear and bee talked happily;

they became friends really quickly.

The bear was no longer alone.

He said goodbye and went back home.




He told his parents all of it;

his walk, his talk, and the best bit:

he made a friend who was a bee.

They smiled; he was finally happy!






Written by K. Sikorra om May 12th,  2020