The Best 9 Baby Books for Boys: Our Top Pick

Written by K.Sikorra



There are a lot of gifts that you have probably bought for your child: blankets, toys, a bicycle, etc. But what about books? There are many books to choose from, but the best one depends on your specifications. What are the best baby development books? Where are the best books to give at a baby shower as a gift? And where do you go to buy baby books? Fret not –

we are here to help narrow down your options and tell you our favorite choices and where to get them. Whether you’re looking for the best books for baby girls or baby boys, or want to know the latest must-have baby books, we can give you a place to start.


Let’s start our list of the best baby books for boys with soft books. People getting soft books for a baby is a popular trend. It’s one of the more unique gifts that you can give to your child:


  1. Bright Baby Touch and Feel Baby Animals by Roger Priddy



This cute book is a great introductory book for your child. Your baby gets to meet 5 new animals! He can not only see what they look like but also feel them and enjoy their fluffy texture through touch. The tactile aspect is very important. This is how a baby’s brain gets their information about their environment and learns every single day. You can enrich your baby’s world from the first day.





  1. The Wonky Donkey and The Dinky Donkey by Craig Smith (Author) and Katz Cowley (Illustrator)




These two amazing are actually written for kids of all ages, though the best age is for children between 3-5 years old. There are 24 pages in each book. You can read it out loud to your little tyke, who will have fun hearing the rhyming, or, if you child has already started reading by themselves, they’ll enjoy putting together all the words. Cute illustrations make the reading even more enjoyable.




  1. Max E. James: Beach Bound by J. Ryan Hersey (Author), Gustavo Mazali (Illustrator) and Amy Betz (Editor)




If you have a young boy who is already an independent reader and likes adventures, this particular book is definitely for him. This 68 pages book is big enough to be a little challenging and making any child proud to read on his own. Your boy will play on the beach and laugh together with Max E. James and his older brother Cody, as well as discover the world with these two vibrant characters. The book has a humorous tone, has short chapters, and is bound to be read again and again.



  1. Goodnight, Goodnight Construction Site by Sherri Duskey Rinker (Author) and Tom Lichtenheld (Illustrator)



If you are looking for the best baby board books, we have one of the list two. Goodnight, Goodnight Construction Site is for children 2-4 years old. It’s 30 pages, a very manageable read. We know how boys (and maybe even your baby girl!) love construction vehicles, cars, trucks, etc. If they are engaged by the sounds of these machines, like choo-choo-choo, bah- bah and drrr- drrr, this book is for them. They will definitely enjoy the rhyming, rhythm, and sounds. Expect it to be the demanded bedtime story night after night.




  1. The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle (Author and Illustrator)



This book is a classic and stands the test of time. It’s a board book that was first published in 1969 and has only 28 pages, but its success was proven by the multimillion sold copies all over the world. The book is for ages 3 years and up. As a professional graphic designer, Eric Carle brought forth all of his imagination to make this book eye-catching. It has bright colors, and of course, a memorable caterpillar. This book is not really suitable as a bedtime story because it’s a lot of fun. It expresses a lot of emotions, and you can really get expressive with reading it to your child. This book will not only entertain your child but also teach them the names of the different foods, and even about the science! How else do you explain the transformation of a caterpillar into a beautiful butterfly?



Some of you may not be looking for a book for your own child. You might be looking to give one as a gift or trying to get an idea for the best books to give at a baby shower.




  1. The Complete Jungle Book by Rudyard Kipling, original illustrations by Stuart Tresilian



It’s a difficult task to bring a book to a baby shower when you don’t know the personality of its future reader. To avoid indecision, it’s always best to go back to a classic. The Complete Jungle Book is an unbeatable choice. It will probably be used by the family for generations. The child might one day watch the Disney version of this book, but when they reach 9-12 years old, they can get a chance to actually read all the exciting events in detail. They might even absorb its 480 pages in one sitting because it’s very hard to stop! This book is at the top of our list for the best baby books for boys.




  1. I Love You to the Moon and Back by Amelia Hepworth (Author), Tim Warnes (Illustrator)




If you don’t want to wait that long and want to see the reaction of the child to your gift in just a couple of years, you can choose I Love You to the Moon and Back. This book is not only more affordable than the previous one but also has a beautiful storyline and stunning natural illustrations that make this a desirable gift for many. The book is for 2-5-year-olds and consists of 28 pages. It might just become the favorite of your friend or family member’s little reader!





  1. Steam Train, Dream Train by Sherri Duskey Rinker (Author) and Tom Lichtenheld (Illustrator)



This book, more geared toward boys, is for the 4-6 age range and has 40 pages. Some kids love the same stories every night but some demand to hear a new story every single day, so you have a good chance to surprise your little book lover with this “boyish” story. It comes with rich and beautiful illustrations, too. Don’t miss this book, especially if your child, grandchild, niece or nephew, or friend’s child really loves trains.




  1. Carlson on the Roof  by Astrid Lindgren



We left our favorite story for last. If you’ve never heard of Astrid Lindgren and her Carlson story, it’s a good time as ever to introduce this character to your child. We can promise they’ll love it. It’s 76 pages and written for 5-8 year-olds. It will make your child laugh, guaranteed. Your child might end up wishing that they, too, will one day meet Carlson, who will visit them when they feel sad. He’ll arrive without invitation and resolve all their problems because no task is impossible for his optimistic spirit.



We hope you’ve enjoyed these suggestions the best baby books for boys. Nothing is more valuable than expanding the imagination and knowledge of a child. And if you are buying one of these books for a baby shower, here are our suggestions for what to write in a baby shower book!