The Two Pigs





Two little pigs lived in a barn.

The barn was in a spacious farm.

The pigs liked to play all day long,

they grew up to be big and strong.




One pig was named Silly Pig,

because he liked to make others laugh.

The other pig was Smart Pig,

because he liked to do math.




The pigs ate vegetables and fruit;

and they were really, really cute.

One day a girl came to the farm.

She wanted a pig, and meant no harm.




She needed help with math at school;

so she took Smart Pig, who thought she was cool!

But Silly Pig got left behind.

“It’s okay,” he said. “I don’t mind.”




But this was not true, Smart Pig knew.

He missed his friend; Silly Pig did too.

Smart Pig decided to tell the girl:

“Adopt Silly Pig; we’ll be plural.”




The girl saw her pig was sad.

So she decided to make him glad.

She went back to the farm and said,

“I know you have a pig in your shed!”




The farmer said, “Another pig?”

“Two pigs will make me happiest.”

The farmer saw this was no jest.

And so he brought out Silly Pig.



She took him home, he made her laugh.

Turns out she needed more than math.

When the pigs reunited, they were happy!

It made them all feel very sappy.




Written by K.Sikorra on May 26th, 2020