Writing Cards for Baby Showers: The Ultimate Guide

Written by K.Sikorra




A baby shower is an exciting event – be it your own baby shower, or someone else’s. But if you’re the latter, you might be stressing not only about what gift to bring, but about what message to write on the card you’re giving. Here, we’ll break down how to write your friend the most thoughtful baby shower wishes.



Writing A Baby Shower Card Message


So you want to write a card for your friend or family member or maybe even acquaintance for their baby shower. Maybe you’re not a wordsmith, or maybe you don’t know them very well. Or you’re nervous and at a loss of what to write. Here’s our advice:


Keep It Formal


To start off, write a simple, “Dear (Name of the person the card is addressed to),” or simply their name, before proceeding with the rest of the message. End the card with “Sincerely,” “All the Best,” “Love,” or “Best Wishes,” depending on your preferences and level of familiarity with the person.


Keep It Simple And Focused


You want to wish them well on their pregnancy, so do that. Focus on well wishes or how grateful you are to be a part of their baby shower. The key is to keep the tone positive and be thoughtful. You can congratulate them, say how excited you are, or acknowledge how nervous and excited they must be.


Personalize It


If it’s someone you know well, personalize it! Start off with a congratulations, and then share a memory to do with their soon-to-be bundle of joy, like the moment they first told you, or something funny that has happened alongside the pregnancy.


If it’s not someone you know very well, you could wish them well on their new journey. If you’ve had kids, maybe share a small fact that is uplifting, like what new joys they might expect along the way.


Here’s an example of what a personalized message might look/sound like:





Dear (Name),


Congratulations on the new member of your family! I know you’ve been stressed between planning for this shower, researching baby names, and reading your baby books, but I wanted to let you know you’re handling this with grace and strength, and there is so much excitement to come. Thank you for inviting me to witness a small part of your journey; I hope to support you along the way as much as I can. I am honored to have been your friend since high school and witness all your adventures, especially this one!


All the best,


(Your Name)



Obviously these details are just an example, but you can think a few of your own to add into the message. If this is a best friend or a sister, you have a whole pool of memories to draw from, so you can use that to crack a joke, or somehow relate it to the celebration of new life. If this is a distant relative or a coworker, you might not know them as well, but drawing on personal details like this will be helpful too.


Ideas of General Statements You Can Make




Below you will find a few suggestions for what to write in your card. Writing cards for baby showers can be tricky if you feel like you don’t want to write your usual well-wishes, so we’ve come up with a list of options for you to choose from.

You can keep it brief, or you can add it along with a longer message. They are all gender-neutral options and altered to fit different couples, and most could work for a single parent.


  1. “I am beyond excited to see you and your (husband’s/wife’s/partner’s) family growing! Congratulations and thank you for making me a part of the celebration.”
  2. “I know this must be both an overwhelming and exhilarating time for you. I hope to support you and cheer for you along the way!”
  3. “I wish you and your baby all the best in the upcoming months.”
  4. “This baby has a lot of love and happiness in store. They are lucky to have you!”
  5. “I hope you have a safe delivery with supportive people around. Congrats!”
  6. “Stepping into parenthood is a big step. I am ecstatic to see where this adventure will take you. I know you will be a great parent!”
  7. “Words can’t express all the things that are in store for you. The journey of learning and love won’t be easy, but it will be one of the best things you’ll ever experience. I wish you all the best.”
  8. “I know you and (name) will make great parents! This baby will have a lot of love in their life.”
  9. “When this baby enters the world, it will find that it is blessed with an amazing parent(s)!”
  10. “Parenthood will by no means be easy, but it will also be the greatest thing you experience. I am wishing you strength and love on this wonderful adventure.”
  11. “Congratulations on your upcoming new arrival!”
  12. “What a wonderful surprise! I am happy for you both!”
  13. “I’m sure you can’t wait to meet your bundle of joy! Wishing you all the best!”
  14. If they are already parents: “Congratulations on round #(number)! You are a great parent(s) and this baby will be lucky to be in this family!”
  15. “Congrats! It’s wonderful to see your family grow!”
  16. If they are expecting twins: “You’re going to have to buy Tweedle-Dee and Tweedle-Dum shirts! Congratulations!”
  17. Alternatively: “You’re going to have to buy “Double the Trouble” shirts for your little ones! Congratulations!”
  18. “I congratulate you and your beautiful family on this new blessing.”


What to Write in a Baby Shower Book


If you just bought someone a book for their baby, leaving a message in the book could be a small thoughtful gesture. But compared to writing a card, you should keep this message brief. A sentence or two will do, like “Congratulations on your new member of the family! Enjoy.” Or “For you and your future baby.” You can borrow from the examples above. Sign the message with your name so they know who the gift is from.


And if you’re struggling about what baby book to buy for a baby shower, look no further. We have a few suggestions here.